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The Most Suitable Thermocouple As Your Heat Sensor!

There’s no better way at measuring temperature that is above 100°C than using a thermocouple.

But choosing the RIGHT and SUITABLE thremocouple can be beneficial to your safety and production procedures to run smoothly without any issues.

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Thermocouples are extremely useful and widely deployed temperature measurement tools, commonly found being used in a broad range of scientific, industrial and engineering environments.

Their small size and rapid response times mean they can be put to work in all manner of hazardous or challenging settings.

They’re actually relatively simple tools that are both highly robust and extremely cost-effective.

Why choose Type K Thermocouple?

  • Have a fast response time.
  • Small in size and are reliable.
  • Generally used at temperatures above 540°C.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Type K has longer life than Type J as in Type J Fe (iron) wire oxidizes rapidly, especially at higher temperature.
  • Also known as general purpose thermocouple due to its wide range of temperature.
  • It has integrated composition of Chromel and Alumel wires has a range of -270 °C to 1260 °C and an output of -6.4 to 54.9 mV over maximum temperature range.
  • One of the major advantage of K type thermocouple over other thermocouple’s is it
    can function in rugged environmental condition & in various atmospheres


  • To measure temperature it provide good linearity of emf.
    • It provide good resistance against oxidation below 1000 °C (1600°F).
    • Highly stable output.
    • Comparitively cost effective than other thermocouple.


  • Not suitable for reducing atmosphere but can withstand metallic vapour.
    • Aging of the emf characteristic, when compared to noble metal thermocouples (B, R, and S).
    • Not suitable for vacuum applications 
    • Green-Rotis phenomenon may occur due to low oxygen level for the thermocouples which are used between 815°C to 1040°C (1500°F to 1900°F).
    • Type K thermocouples should not be used in Sulphuric environment

Why choose Type K Thermocouple?

Type K Temperature Range:

  • Type K Thermocouple Grade WireThermocouple grade wire, –454 to 2,300F (–270 to 1260C)
  • Extension wire, 32 to 392F (0 to 200C)

Accuracy (whichever is greater):

  • Standard: +/- 2.2C or +/- .75%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 1.1C or 0.4%

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