Attention: Die-casting companies & factories, we have the best product for your casting solutions.

Does your die-casting tool wear out fast?

WIN Group is specializing for HPDC injection system bringing you, COPROMEC!

The only EXPANDABLE COPPER RING system to prolong your shot sleeve and dies sleeve (sprue bush) LIFETIME!

WIN-THERM are specialized for metal processing companies bringing you, COPROMEC


Best Long Performance Die-casting Tool

Copromec Plunger Tips

We are from WIN WIN Solution, proudly present Copromec that reduce your casting problems of BACKFLASH, UNSTABLE CASTING PRESSURE, BURRY and FLAME during injection?


Copromec design allow the molten metal to push the ring with radial force against the inner wall of the shot (injection) sleeve. 

The liquid metal solidity under the ring to compensate any friction force eating on the surface of the ring.

How about the RESULTS?

Perfect injections pressure every casting. Crate vacuum like inside the sleeve chamber.

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What’s More?

Copromec is available with INTERNAL LUBRICATION SYSTEM, This perfect system GUARANTEE Flameless injection (Max. 30mm fire after metal pouring)

Why choose Copromec?

Less oxidation cause less air trap hence less pin hole!

Parts quality goes up. And NG goes down.

What does a good supplier do?

They will prepare what, why and how much you asked them.

They will give you a discount because they know, for the same product, it can be chosen and just abandoned for the simple economic convenience.

But that’s NOT us!

We aim to fly above to this level to give you the best benefit possible!

What if we told you that this product can no longer is difficult to be replaced even if it’s handled by the worst operator in the world.

That productivity will skyrocket and your waste will decrease!

We bring you, Copromec The Best Die-Casting Tool!

You can compare it yourself!

Here why to choose “Copromec”:

  • Longer life time of the shot sleeve
  • High pressure (Aluminium, Magnesium)
  • Strong thermal shocks (aluminium 600°C – water 30°C)
  • Decrease of down time machine
  • Reduction of the cycle time
  • Continuous injection cycle
  • Excellent tightness of vacuum system

Besides the pluger tips, we also do provide other components for injecting system of pressure casting.

Few components such as rods, shot sleeves, lubricants, water jackets and lubrication systems.

We have realized the best technologies for the injection group, with the only aim to solve your problems

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