We are proud of the top market share of zinc galvanizing furnaces in continuous ones for hard steel wire such as wire rope and soft steel wire such as fence as well as batch ones for large steel structure such as bridge.


For the continuous galvanizing line, we have newly developed fully-electrified zinc galvanizing facility as well as highly-efficient and fume-shield acid pickling tank.


A substantial energy-saving version, using a combination of the self-recuperative burner (Germany-made REKUMAT burner series) and immersion ceramic tube which heats molten zinc from within, is also available.


We make a proposal of a ceramic bath design which can cope with Zn-Al galvanizing.


Ceramic baths do not require periodic replacement unlike conventional steel kettles, which can reduce maintenance costs and zinc metal losses generating from the replacement of the kettles, as well as, dramatically reduce the risks of sudden production shutdown and opportunity losses caused by the metal run-out accident.

The advanced furnace technology, including a highly sophisticated direct-fired furnace, annealing at up to 860˚ C and the innovative concept of the differential rapid jet cooling.


Ensure controlled creation of strip with different metallurgical phases. By producing steel strip with GI, GA and Zinc – magnesium coating, the line cover nearly all of the market’s demands.

The galvanized sheets and coils supplied by WIN are resistant to corrosion and have a zinc coating that is achieved through a special adhesion process.
This is even further enhanced by a chemical treatment specifically to prevent the formation of white rust on the zinc-coated surfaces. WIN has a galvanizing line utilizing the newest continuous annealing furnaces, manufactured by the EBNER Corporation in German.

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