Recycle Overview

Together with our sister company PT. Sumi Win Metal, WIN is engaged in secondary aluminium smelting. Located in Indonesia, Karawang, our sister company is expanding its capacity and need more raw materials. WIN act as the buyer for any of your aluminium scrap. We buy with a high price for the export market. 

Looking for a compact but GUARANTEED high recovery metal machines?

Look for WIN dross recovery machines.

Customized to your needs from small to big capacity.

This is very suitable for aluminium casting house or melting house that produce dross. You now can recycle in-house instead of just selling them outside.

Available in rental or Profit-Sharing Scheme! Contact us for enquiry.

Scraps Treated To Recycle As A Secondary Market.

Recycling scraps with our well-designed custom furnaces that will suit the requirements for our clients. We have many successful worldwide installations of cleaning a large pile of scraps. 

Over the last 30 years, we are working closely with our clients to create more efficient and productive support as well as using our technical expertise.

Scrap Pre-Heating Ovens

Single Chamber Melting

Scrap Charging Machines

Multi-Chamber Furnaces

Tilting Rotary Melting Furnaces

Chip & Swarf Melting Furnaces

De-Ironing Furnaces

Top Loading Melting Furnaces

Scrap De-Coating Systems

Molten Metal Pump / Circulation Systems


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