Protection Tube Overview

Protection Tube

WIN has 35 years of experience in combustion and heating element and we are still counting. Protection Tube is a must when installing heat measurements such as thermocouples, heater, degassing rotor shaft and level sensor.

Silicon nitride ceramics is superb in heat resistance. They can withstand a severe thermal load of high-temperature heaters. It also has excellent thermal shock resistance.


The protection tube protects a thermocouple element and insulator from the ambient environment, and a mounting bracket and terminal box, etc. are attached to it.

Very severe use conditions are applied to the protection tube depending on the places where the temperature is measured.

Therefore, for the protection tube, materials and forms suitable for use temperature, atmosphere, purposes, etc., need to be selected.



Protection tubes for temperature sensors are used to protect temperature sensors from high-pressure, corrosion, high temperature, and other environments in various processes in various plants.

Types of usage:

  • Thermocouple Protection Tube
  • Heater Protection Tube
  • Degassing Rotor Shaft
  • Level Sensor

Silicon nitride fine ceramics is the best material to suit a variety of demands like

  • outstanding corrosion resistance to molten aluminium alloys and flux.
  • very good gas tightness.
  • excellent oxidation resistance up to 800oc and therefore long lifetime.
  • good thermal shock resistance.
  • the highest mechanical strength among ceramics.
  • very good wear resistance for rotating parts.
  • resistance against acids such as Hydrocoloric Acid (HCl) and Sulfurric Acid (H2SO4) which allows acid cleaning of the parts.



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