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"Plastic is a low cost, highly malleable material that is easily molded into many objects."

Extrusion, Casting, and Pressing are 3 of the main ways to process plastics.

WIN is a reputable distributor for evaporation boat. With the use of 3M Evaporation Boat, your metallizing process can be upgraded for high evaporated rates or longer boat lifetime. 

With 3M, WIN also provides all kinds of consumables for your metallizing process: graphite tape, graphite suspension (coating) and Boron Nitride Suspension (Coating).

3M Evaporation Boat Dimet

3M Evaporation Boat Trimet

3M Evaporation Boat 2L

3M Evaporation Boat 2 Series

3M Evaporation Boat Lasermet

Spare parts for OEM machines

WIN provides all your metallizing or printing machines spare parts and consumables. From our many experiences in the metallizing industry and our 35 years experience in the heater industry, WIN develops our own platen diffusion pump heater. We can customize the size, shape and power according to your pump needs. No more headache for your diffusion problems!

With our extensive network, WIN provides more spare parts and consumables like diffusion pump oil, clamping, adhesive tape, fibre optic cable. 

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Diffusion Pump Oil


Adhesive Tape

Fibre Optic Cable



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