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Does Your Factory Having Problems And Getting Slower?

You wanted to solve your issue but it will cost a fortune!

WIN-THERM are specialized for metal processing companies in reducing cost and increase production efficiency.


We have helped more than 100+ established companies around SEA

Most of our clients are facing the same issue as you.

There are two major problems that are causing the downfall of your production efficiency.

  • Type of equipment
  • Your product consumption use

These issues have been popping off our clients list everytime we asked them the same questions.

We are from WIN WIN Solution, a part of WIN Group. We are mainly specialized in metal processing and considered ourselves the best in any heat-related types of equipment.

We want to help more factories to run their business in the most efficient way possible as the world is heading towards “Industry 4.0”.

We’ve found the CORE problems in most factories

We’ve provided the best SOLUTION that can reduce cost and increase productivity by 30%

Most suppliers out there won’t tell you what’s the problem with your machines or even the caused of your problems. 

They just wanted you to keep using their products & services, but if you think about it. Are they really helping you?

Let us help you solve that  NO.1 PROBLEM that you are currently facing.

Here what’s included in our consultation:

We will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome your business with the solutions that we will provide. These strategies are proven to work in our line of industry and we have 35 years in experience in this field.

We will share our expertise in our metal processing experience of what’s proven to work and what’s not working in the current industry.

The structure of the factory is the core of getting things done in the most efficient way possible.

Guide on how to reduce your cost without spending on irrelevant or unnecessary equipment that doesn’t benefit the factory and production.

So, let me ask you..

If we’d gave you..

  • A business strategy for Metal Industry 
  • A proven method that works in your niche
  • Roadmap for your entire factory
  • Step-by-step of reducing your cost from A to Z
  • High-end equipment that solve your problems
  • A good quality product that could last a lifetime

Is it possible to reduce your cost and improve efficiency by 30%?

I believe we can achieve that together..

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