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Solving Your Metallizing Applications With That Last A LIFETIME!

Most factory owners are having problems with their evaporation boat that cost them a lot of money and didn’t last very long. Causing more cost and less production.

Want A High Quality Product That Could Last A Lifetime?

Would it be more easier if the current product that you are using could last longer?

Save more production cost?

Or are you frustrated that the product that you are using kept breaking down and not reliable?


We are from WIN Group Company

We have manpower and products can support our value to our customer.

We have experiences over 30 years to bring our value in every industry especially in thermal industry and life cycle business.

We contribute 30% energy saving, 30% increase in productivity.

We believe in the product we use to improve your production...

Our evaporation boats are easy to operate and offer long service life and excellent wetting behavior. 

You will never find a product that have an excellent all-around solution for all metallization processes. 

This 2-component boat can be used at high web-speed on all modern vacuum coaters.

High evaporation rate of at least 0.35 g· min-1 · cm-2

Evaporation takes place in a vacuum, i.e. vapors other than the source material are almost entirely removed before the process begins. Faster evaporation means faster production time.


Great Wetting Point of Evaporation Boat

By using a stable evaporation boat (great wetting) to ensure the quality of all metallization processes. 


Longer Lifetime To Increase Productivity

There’s a reason why it has a longer lifetime and that is because it has an excellent temperature resistance


High Optical Density and Web-speed

Our evaporation boat has to be versatile as it can compensate a high temperature and produce fast results.

Thus, having a high optical density and web-speed let it withstand the workload.

3M Evaporation Boat is the most reliable product

After many testing, trial and error, we found out that 3M Brand gave the most promisable results than other brands.

Some people may compare based on the price, but for us, we compare based on the quality and the value 3M can bring us.

Moreover, 3M Evaporation Boat are easy to operate and offer long service life and excellent wetting behavior.

win therm evaporation boat 3m

This is the MOST RECOMMENDED product in the market